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Domingo, 11 Setembro 2016 11:37

B-Format to Binaural & UHJ Stereo

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Use the three scripts contained in the zip file below in "Download attachments" to batch convert a directory of B-format audio to binaural and UHJ stereo. Requires that SuperCollider is installed with the standard plugins and that the "Ctk" quark is enabled. The main shell script also encodes mp3 versions of the binaural and UHJ files and if this feature is used (not commented out), the system will require that "lame" is installed. The SuperCollider script uses the ATK and is adapted directly from the SynthDef and NRT examples for ATK.

Unzip the scripts in a directory, edit the paths to match your installation and distribution of Linux in the file, make this file executable and run in the directory containing the b-format files to perform the conversions. 

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