Jim Sosnin

Jim Sosnin

Jim Sosnin has worked in the field of Music Technology since 1973, initially at Melbourne University's Electronic Music Studio, and later in the Music Department of La Trobe University, where he was a lecturer from 1982 to 1997. He has developed courses in acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio electronics, sound recording and in various areas of computer music and programming languages. He has also been responsible for setting up and maintaining a variety of computer systems for staff and student use, ranging from early DEC and CRDS mini computers, to BBC and Mac PCs. In addition to his work with Iain Mott and Marc Raszewski, his creative activities have included making electronic sound effects for films (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Patrick) and television programs and advertisements. Jim currently works as a developer for Magian Design Studio.
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Jim Sosnin with Wand Prototype


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