Iain Mott

Iain Mott

Iain Mott is a sound artist and a lecturer (professor adjunto) in the area of voice and performance in the Departamento de Artes Cênicas (theatre arts), Universidade de Brasilia. His sound installations are characterised by high levels of audience participation and novel approaches to interactivity. He has exhibited widely in Australia and at shows including the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Emoção Art.ficial in São Paulo and the Dashanzi International Art Festival and Multimedia Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) in Beijing. His most recent installation with Simone Reis O Espelho was exhibited at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) in Brasilia in the second half of 2012. Iain has received numerous awards and grants and has successfully managed innovative projects for almost 20 years. His GPS-based project Sound Mapping was awarded an Honorary Mention in the 1998 Prix Ars Electronica. In 2005 he was awarded an Australia China Council Arts Fellowship to work with the Beijing arts company the Long March Project. His work Zhong Shuo was created as part of the fellowship in collaboration with Chinese artists and was given 3rd prize in the UNESCO Digital Art Awards. The project has in addition been selected by MAAP for two further installations in Shanghai and Brisbane in 2006. Iain was artist in residence at the CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences in Canberra for 12 months in 1999/2000. The notion of collaboration between artist and audience has ongoing importance in Iain's work. His PhD from the University of Wollongong was supervised by Greg Schiemer and is entitled Sound Installation and Self-listening. 

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Currículo Lattes

Segunda, 06 Junho 2022 13:24

Teatro Menor Artigo

Sábado, 22 Junho 2019 17:46

35mm Film Photography

35mm film photography by Iain Mott. Use the expand icon the view full-screen and see the downward facing arrow near the bottom left of screen to hide the thumbnails.

Quarta, 06 Dezembro 2017 18:36

Tutorial de Vídeo de Mosca

Tutorial on using the GUI interface of the Mosca quark for SuperCollider. Please listen with headphones and please view in full-screen mode.

Quarta, 06 Dezembro 2017 18:08

Mosca Video Tutorial

Tutorial on using the GUI interface of the Mosca quark for SuperCollider. Please listen with headphones and please view in full-screen mode.

Domingo, 14 Maio 2017 21:54

Demonstração de Botanica

Para ouvir com fones de ouvido. Certifique-se de que os fones estejam orientados corretamente.

Sábado, 13 Maio 2017 09:53

Software de Botanica

Captura de tela do software de Botanica (2017). O ouvinte é representado pelo ponto cinza central. Os pontos cor-de-rosa são as fontes de som virtuais. Enquanto o ouvinte se move através do jardim, o mapa se move na direção oposta ao seu caminho com o ponto cinza restante no centro. Os pontos cor-de-rosa podem estar estacionários no mapa ou ter suas próprias trajetórias animadas. À medida que o ouvinte se move, as fontes de som se movem em relação ao mapa deslizante. Como sons reais, as fontes de som virtuais tornam-se mais silenciosas com a distância e tornam-se inaudíveis uma vez que passam fora do limite circular do mapa. O software é usado para realizar o mapeamento de sons antes da interação pública e para criar a experiência de som 3D no campo. O software não é visível para os participantes.

Sábado, 13 Maio 2017 09:36

Botanica Software

Screenshot of Botanica software (2017). The listener is represented by the central grey dot. The pink dots are the virtual sound sources. As the listener moves through the garden, the map moves in the opposite direction to his or her path with the grey dot remaining at the centre. The pink dots may be stationary on the map or may have their own animated trajectories. As the listener moves, the sound sources move relative to the sliding map. Like real sounds, the virtual sound sources become quieter with distance and they become inaudible once they pass outside the circular boundary of the map. The software is used to perform the mapping of sounds in advance of public interaction and to deliver the 3D sound experience in the field. The software display is not visible to participants.

Sábado, 19 Dezembro 2015 10:01

Mosca Audio Demo for Headphones

This audio demonstration of Mosca involves the spatialisation of mono, stereo and B-format material. As well as using music and B-format recordings made by Iain Mott, it also contains 3 B-format recording by John Leonard of geese, a Chinook helicopter and of the Stanbrook Abbey Choir. These recording by John are presented here with kind permission. Other recorded sounds include those of monks in the Luohan Temple in Chongqing, China, frogs in São Jorge, Goiás in Brazil, a matchbox and an original recording of Sputnik 1 made by Roy Welch, reproduced with Roy's permission.

Please listen with headphones and ensure that the left and right channels are positioned correctly.

Domingo, 11 Setembro 2016 11:37

B-Format to Binaural & UHJ Stereo

Use the three scripts contained in the zip file below in "Download attachments" to batch convert a directory of B-format audio to binaural and UHJ stereo. Requires that SuperCollider is installed with the standard plugins and that the "Ctk" quark is enabled. The main shell script also encodes mp3 versions of the binaural and UHJ files and if this feature is used (not commented out), the system will require that "lame" is installed. The SuperCollider script uses the ATK and is adapted directly from the SynthDef and NRT examples for ATK.

Unzip the scripts in a directory, edit the paths to match your installation and distribution of Linux in the file renderbinauralUHJ.sh, make this file executable and run in the directory containing the b-format files to perform the conversions. 

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