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Botanica Walk-through Demonstration for Headphones

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Please listen with high quality headphones and ensure that the left and right channels are correctly aligned.

This video documents Botanica with unedited footage made from the perspective of the participant. The camera follows the participant's head movements and the sounds heard in the headphones move correspondingly. As the participant walks, he/she passes through various dynamics sound fields mapped to the garden.

Recordings used in this demonstration of Botanica made by Iain Mott include: sounds of the cerrado environments of central Brazil, aquatic sounds from the Melbourne Aquarium and Port Phillip Bay in Australia and of a Buddhist temple in Chongqing, China.  The sounds of geese and of a choir were recorded by John Leonard and the sounds of satellite transmissions were recorded by Roy Welch e Don Woodward. These recordings are used with kind permission. Electro-acoustic music in the video is by Iain Mott.

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